It wasn't always glamourous...

Laid off & lost in life, I stepped out on faith and enrolled in beauty school in 2012.  Using unemployment checks to pay my way through it, I was determined to graduate standing on a sturdy foundation.  Assisting in the day, attending school at night and doing photoshoots on the weekend, #ALStyling was built on pure passion.  With clear vision, I finished cosmetology school with a full editorial portfolio, high functioning website and a strong brand.

8 years later, Ashley Lee Styling still stands on the passion upon which it was built - providing an attainable luxury.  Shaping a brand with brown girls in mind, #ALStyling is able to offer top tier natural hair care and color services where integrity is the priority.  Being natural myself, I understand the frustration in finding someone educated and experienced enough to trust with your curls.  My delicate touch in styling infused with my gentle approach to color keep your curls in mind throughout every step of your experience.

Being apart of the L'Oreal Professional Products Brand, MIZANI, my perspective behind the chair is unique.  Having a hands on role in product testing while being thoroughly trained in product knowledge + education, your time behind the chair will be both informative and indulgent.  

With most of my professional career based in Manhattan, I am proud to be able to serve the community that molded and shaped me - The Bronx.  By bringing a luxury experience out of the hustle and bustle of the city, luxury is right at your doorstep.

What are you waiting for?


Ashley Lee