The Big Chop Can Make You a Better Naturalista: How Cutting It Off Could Improve Your HAIR JOURNEY

There’s always a debate. Big Chop? Transition? What is the perfect way to go natural? I have a very specific opinion on this coming from both client and personal experience.

I’ve done the Big Chop a total of three times. My first time, I transitioned for a few months but was ready to be fully natural. I took the plunge, accepted that I had no idea what my natural hair would look like and was prepared for ANY texture. I had no expectations. This was important, and I think it’s important for anyone that hasn’t experienced their own natural texture, to enter the journey accepting what they would define as their best case scenario, but also their worst case scenario. Nothing is worse than “Curl Envy” going into your natural hair journey. Being OPEN is what set me up for success.

My second and third times big chopping, I knew what to expect. However, having learned better technique and practices since my first big chop, I actually obtained better results. Even though it was my second BC, I was still learning my hair all over again. The same with my third - trying new things and being open to different results.

In all of these situations, I’d still choose a Big Chop every time. WHY?? It’ll make your learning curve easier. A lot of people Big Chop, but are concentrated on length, not satisfied with their curls or just feeling lost. Due to the lack of mental preparation, they retreat, hiding their hair in protective styles. This is immensely detrimental to your long term hair health. The best part of the Big Chop is the length! It gives you a manageable canvas to work with that’s less overwhelming with far less margin forever. This gives you room to play and cuts down styling time.

Transitioning is an awesome way to grow your hair out COMFORTABLY. But how UNCOMFORTABLE will you be when your hair is fully natural and you don’t have a clue what to do with it?? It’s torturous for some and anxiety inducing. Lots of naturals have hair that is already dense, but regardless of density, curls create volume that is intimidating to most… clients and hair stylists alike.

I find that learning and growing WITH your hair is a far better tactic than being thrown into the fire. With less hair to style, you get to take Natural hair 101 instead of starting at Twist Out Level 300. You’re able to get a handle on properly shampooing and well as learning products. This will also save you time and money, as you’ll use less product in the experimental phase. You can buy smaller packages as you test things out and learn what really works for you.

I’m all for transitioning as an option, but not if its basis is fear. Be bold, be fearless and dive into the journey. There’s an entire community waiting to embrace you and show you the ropes. Fully commit and it will be SO REWARDING.

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